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A New Programme is Born

The EuroSTAR programme was announced on May 2nd and below is an article from EuroSTAR 2006 programme chair, Jens Pas outlining the highlights of the programme and what to expect from EuroSTAR 2006.

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Allow me to introduce to you the keynote speakers:
We open the conference with Filip GydĂ©, Senior Vice President of CTG Europe who will tell us about how CTG has literally invested a lot in people. He will tell us about being awarded the Investors in People certificate and how for the third time in a row, they became “Best Employer in Belgium”, elected by employees. He will link this investment to their software testers and testify how this that positively impacted on the company’s bottom line.
Those who attended EuroSTAR 2005, will remember Thorkil Sonne from Denmark, who presented a track session on his company “Specialisterne”. He told us his very moving and personal story about his life and the birth of his son who was diagnosed as autistic. Based on a series of events Thorkil made a bold decision and turned his career around. He founded a company to help autistic people by providing them with rewarding jobs as software testers. You may have read his story already in the first issue of this newsletter. Thorkil ‘s session was voted Best Track Session in 2005 and he has agreed to keynote at this year’s conference.

Flying over from the States is Scott Barber, who specialises in Performance Testing. This area of testing is becoming more important then ever, given the high speed at which the whole world is getting online.
We have a special keynote session on Thursday, I won’t say too much as I would prefer not to give away the surprise. All I can say is that James Lyndsay as host, will have a nice chat with a real senior reference in software testing, someone who, throughout his career has trained over 20,000 testers! Be prepared for a different approach to waking up at a conference in Manchester. Senior experience will be shared with the audience. New insights will be held against historical evidence. If you want a history lesson in testing, Thursday will be the day.

We end the conference with a speaker many of our delegates have asked for: Paul Gerrard of Systeme Evolutif. Many of you know Paul and some might also know that Paul is a highly committed rowing coach. Paul will share his experiences of coaching a rowing team and how this can give original and provoking insights into managing and developing a Test Dream Team.
So, I hope these keynote speakers are to your liking. Each of them are definitely experienced testers, witty speakers and just great people to have around.

Next to these keynotes, we added a couple of new refreshing things to the program to enhance the networking at the conference and to facilitate the assembly of a Dream Team. You’ll have a chance to do some “speed dating” with other testers, more details will come later. We will organise a contest which involves assembling the Greatest Dream Team. A bit like the Harlem Globetrotters of Testing!

I also invite you to have a look at the tutorials that we provide prior to the conference, on Monday 5th and Tuesday morning 6th of December. Some of the top trainers in software testing will be there to teach you the ins and outs of software testing. There will be sessions for junior testers, but also for experienced professionals. I won’t go over all the names, but I do like to point out that Martin will be there as well. You all know Martin Pol, Program Chair 2005. Martin is probably the most warm-hearted software tester I know. He embodies the essence of what it takes to make a Dream Team. Meet Martin and the other teachers in Manchester.

If all this is not enough, we have also arranged for an excellent venue for the after-show party.... a Gala Evening in Old Trafford, home of Manchester United. Who would want to miss this?

So I hope you’ll like what we have compiled for you this year. For those who submitted proposals and did not get selected, I do understand your disappointment at not being on the program. I sincerely regret that we could not give each and every one of you a slot. Many proposals were lovely stories I would love to have shared.
A final word perhaps on the Program Committee. Stefan Steurs, Clive Bates and Geoff Thompson who not only reviewed all the proposals, but also did a great job at reviewing and rearranging the program and making it nicely balanced. Thanks a lot guys for all your great help.

I’ll be talking to you in a next issue of this newsletter or meeting you all of course in Manchester.

Best Regards,

Jens Pas
Programme Chair

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Wishing the best to the this year's Program Committee and hope to see you all in Manchester!