Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Software Testing Revolutionized - Automate from day ONE for automated progressive testing!

I would like to invite experts on this forum to comment on this new technology - SCIMITAR for which we have now filed a patent application also - !

With this technology, we are enabling automation for progressive testing (first time testing of new features or new applications) versus the current approach of automating the regression test bed! With this approach you get an automated regression test bed for FREE.

Further more, we are providing a visutal test authoring tool to write these automated test cases which is then so easy to use that manual testers can use it to write these automated test cases (while developers are busy writing code for new applications or for new features). Later, QTP code is generated at run-time to run these test cases in automated fashion.

With this testers can write up to 60% more automated test cases per day compared to number of test cases they typically write manually and 1000% (yes thousand percentage) more test cases per day comapred to number of automated test cases that an automation engineer typically creates per day.

You can read more about it at and request for a white paper also.

Please do let us know what you think about it.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

EuroSTAR Tutorial Day - Malmö, Sweden

EuroSTAR Tutorial Day - Malmö, Sweden - September 22nd
EuroSTAR will hold a Tutorial Day in Malmö on September 22nd where attendees will learn from renowned test gurus,
Lee Copeland and John Fodeh.

The two full-day courses will run from 9am - 5.30pm. The price for a full day Tutorial is €580

A: Test Management: Roles, Organisation and Processes - Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering, USA
The key to successful testing is effective and timely planning. Lee Copeland introduces proven test planning methods and techniques, including the Master Test Plan and level-specific test plans for acceptance, system, integration, and unit testing ...Read More

B: Establishing an Effective Test Metrics Program - John Fodeh, Hewlett Packard, Denmark

This course shows how to establish a set of metrics to support development and testing with estimating, planning, predicting and monitoring. Learn how to collect, analyze, present and communicate metrics effectively ... Read More

Places on each Tutorial are limited so contact us today on +353 91 514470 to guarantee your place at what promises to be a fantastic training experience.
Members of SAST receive a 5% discount on Tutorial Fee's.
Group Discounts available.

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