Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Short Intro

Hi all!
As my parents always told me to introduce yourself politely to other people, I would like to use my first post to do so.
I'm Erik Boelen, working as a Test Manager/Test Consultant for the company CTG in Belgium.
This is my sixth year in the testing world, and still learning a lot every day over and over again. Therefore, I decided to subscribe to this blog, as its intention is to share experiences, knowledge, ideas and who knows, maybe even dreams about testing!!
Concerning Eurostar, I've had the honour to be a speaker once, in 2003, with the subject 'The Agile Way to Success'. This year, I sent in another proposal and really hope to be selected again.
For me, Eurostar was a learning and fun experience, to put it very simply. I met people from all over Europe who have different opinions about testing and how to deal with it. This resulted in very interesting discussions during the day and very funny outcomes during the "evening sessions".
My personal interest goes out to Agile Testing. Currently, I'm responsible for this area within my company and hope to receive and share some interesting ideas about the subject through this blog.


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