Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Who would want to be a tester?

Well, i have been very busy over the past 2/3 weeks - a good grievance but a grievance none the less :-) promised myself some time ago that i would dedicate upwards of an hour or so a week to reading articles connected to testing, thinking outside the box and maybe in the process, learning something new along the way - a worthy pursuit but i have become sidetracked a little.

This week i have found some interesting articles & presentations which got me thinking - Who would want to be a tester? did i want to be a tester 10 years ago - hell no, didnt know what a tester was... I won't bore you all with my youthful fantasties of employment but testing, IT etc.. didnt make my list back then - so what changed??

Went to college - completed a broadly based IT course
Tried to get a job - any job!!
any of this sound familiar...
Fell into Testing and now here we are

I do genuinely like my profession and have a passion for it - more than most can say about their jobs, so i do think of myself as somewhat fortunate in that regard but my question is do people strive to become testers or do we just fall into it as a route to somewhere and get lost along the way? Where do testers come from? I would like to hear any tester's tale of how they became a tester and importantly - any regrets??

Anyhows, the article that got me thinking is by Cem Kaner - the past & future of SW testing
Hope you like it and leave me some comments on how you became testers - im intrigued..


Pradeep Soundararajan said...

I am a tester by virtue and not by profession :D

Ainars said...

Yes, I believe most of us (testers) never wanted to be testers and many of as (still not all) are happy about it now.
You could read my story (quite detailed one) in