Monday, April 03, 2006

Testing Ourselves; Comfort Zones

Do we as testers test ourselves enough?
Or are we content to remain doing what we are familiar with, what we are not afraid of, what does not challenge us! Does this make us better testers? or Stagnant tester?

I believe that if we all stay firmly rooted in our own self acquired comfort zones, that we will never progress, never move up a level, and ultimately never reach our full potential. This is as true for life as is it for testing - Is moving away from our comfort zone a bad move??

Should we look at tasks, projects in different, perhaps radical ways - remember inventions weren't just invented, they were tested.. Is testing a set science, where a method can be pre-determined or can we endeavour to experiment, dare to be different, infact, dare to be daring!

Testing as a profession is booming but are we as testers, real testers doing enough to ensure this remains the case? Testers need to test themselves - contribute to an open source project, start blogging here or anywhere, submit papers/articles for publications, conferences etc..., network with other testers, discuss/debate testing issues and maybe join a special interest group in your country - possibilities are endless!! Go on test yourself..

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