Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Testing Boom

Found a few articles on testing and how the world is waking up to software testing inherent, long ignored essential function - to make sure things work! be it software, sports, hobbies - we need to test everything i.e code, tactics, new approaches in each. So, my question or more to the point, observation is why are we testers now so 'important'???

Computer Weekly has an article on the critical importance of the human element in Software Testing, talks abit about the Testing boom, 7.5billion seemingly - time for a pay rise :-) but it also refers to some 'software disasters' - Toyota & the Tokyo stock exchange. have a read here

Again CIO.com is highlighting software disasters too in particular a funny story from a casino, hope you like it, read it here The article is very good giving some general overviews on testings and how we should or strive to approach it and also highlights towards the end the high cost of flawed testing which is interesting, well to me anyway!

Anyway, if anyone has any tips on how to implement a Plan B as mentioned in the CIO article, let me know..

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